Master Thesis Project Collaboration Wanted

Maria Kinch Palvig
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in E-business
GPA: 9.3
IT other
it strategy
it and business
data-driven business
data-driven decision-making
strategy execution
big data
language technology
it consulting
it systems
web 2.0
digital strategy
change management
it adoption
web analytics
it project management
data management
I am an ambitious and tech-savvy IT student with business acumen and keen interests in IT and data-driven business. My professional background has been formed in consulting and digital marketing, and my professional goal is to make a difference by creating value for customers. I am looking for a thesis collaboration as I am about to begin my thesis which is due November 15th. Because I have less than three months to finish my thesis, I have to work efficiently, and I have quit my consulting job in order to have more time to work on my thesis.

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