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Muhammad Adil Lateef
University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Denmark
Degree & Study program
Masters in Change Management Program which includes Change management HRM Project Management Organizational Psychology etc; and my electives are Global Marketing Management & Doing Business in Emerging Markets etc
GPA: 0.0
I would like to write my master thesis in the "project management discipline"; as it is one of my subjects in the change management program at SDU. The discipline/subject of project management includes many different kinds of cases/campaigns/scenarios/themes/projects/programs etc; which means it can either be a construction management project or a project of opening a new retail store or a proposed merger project of two companies or a proposed project of marketing a product in a new/emerging markets etc. \r\nI am willing to write on any type of a project or a proposed project on a company/product and I would apply the aspects concepts theories and models etc of project management such as project mandate budgeting of the project stakeholder analysis & management communication plan of the project milestones plan and activity planning controlling the project & follow-up etc. So things would revolve around the project management subject/theme but I would incorporate and give emphasis on the concepts and aspects of the subject(s) of my change management program as well. Moreover depending upon the nature of the project I could also incorporate and give emphasis on ‘global marketing management’ and Doing business in emerging markets courses as they are my electives.

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