Master Thesis Project Collaboration Wanted

Rasmus Nygaard
Aarhus University (AU), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Master of Science - International Business, cand.merc
GPA: 9.7
Business management
Strategy development & Globalization
growth strategy
market development
business processes
market research
knowledge sharing
We are two ambitious International Business students, who are seeking a business case from a multinational company for our Master Thesis project. Our deadline for the scope of our project is due at the 1st of December 2016. Our field of interest is primarily within strategy with a special emphasis on (1) management of global business processes and (2) growth strategies. We are open to various different approaches to these subjects, but this could for instance include refining how the various departments in your organization are collaborating. An aspect could be how to ensure utilization of best practices (i.e. to ensure economies of scale, standardized processes etc.) in the production of newly developed products from the R&D department. An alternative approach could be to investigate optimization of knowledge flows between different departments in order to exploit the internal tacit knowledge throughout the organisation. In relation to growth strategies, an approach could be to perform a market analysis based on relevant criteria (such as macro-factors) in an emerging market, and propose a growth strategy informed by theory and based on these results. Why choose us? A thesis collaboration could be beneficial for you for several reasons. First, we have been working together for the past four years with great success and strong dedication to our studies. This is witnessed by outstanding academic results best illustrated by our high GPAs and our bachelor thesis, for which we achieved the grade 12. Second,we have gained international experience through our semester abroad at a top university in Sydney, where we have improved our academic skills, English proficiency, and our abilities to navigate in a culturally diverse setting. Finally, we resemble a strong team with substituting competences gained through our professional experiences. Jonas has gained extensive project and stakeholder management skills through his job as Introduction Trip Coordinator at Aarhus University. Further, Jonas has gained communication and academic skills as a teaching assistant in Qualitative Methods at Aarhus BSS. Rasmus has gained thorough analysis competences through his job as Financial Analyst at Nordea. Additionally, Rasmus has worked as Financial Accounting Assistant at MN Revision og Rådgivning, equipping him with solid business understanding and financial insight. These competences combined with our strategic orientation in our studies makes us capable of solving strategic business challenges that can add real value to your organization. As a team we are very ambitious and always strive to obtain the best results by being highly dedicated and eager to learn. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a relevant business case or any questions. We hope that we can be a match for your organization, and we look forward to hearing from you. Best regards Rasmus Nygaard & Jonas Roersen Nielsen

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