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Julius Hein Fænøe
Aalborg University (AAU), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Integrated Food Studies
Civil engineering
Food Sociology
product development
project management
Hello COOP, I am a 3rd semester student studying a Masters of Science in Integrated Food Studies at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. The Master addresses today’s national and global challenges in the food sector and is oriented towards contemporary and historical meanings and expressions of food through the study of food production, processing and consumption. I will be able to start my Master Thesis late January 2017 and will be finishing late May 2017. I plan to write alone. I have good experience with collecting and processing qualitative data, as for my Bachelor Thesis I used nudging as one of the main methodologies for research, as well as a satisfaction survey. For my fully updated CV please visit:ænøe-81a4597a. Kind Regards, Julius Hein Fænøe

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