Master Thesis Project Collaboration Wanted

Santosh Kumar Paladhi
Ernst Abbe Hochschule Jena, DE
Degree & Study program
Master in Scientific instrumentation
GPA: 2.7
Mechanical Engineering
Design and Development
Precision Instrumentation
Solid state physics
Setup requirements: • Installing linear motion guide-ways on the ground • Hydraulic Cylinder with oil reservoir is setup on the side of the casing to pull the bundle from the casing • Cylinder stroke = Length + 1 meter of bundle • 2 rests are made for the bundle- first one is puller engaged with the bundle and second one is U shaped rest fixed on the guide-way to balance when bundle coming from the case Process: Firstly, the puller (circular rest) is engaged to the bundle at the alignment with the casing then actuate the hydraulic cylinder to pull the bundle from the casing slowly and in the middle U shaped rest is fitted to support the bundle. This undercarriage system is wheeled on the guide-way so that it can be moved to any position and this occupies very less place which can be operated automatically. The hydraulic cylinder can also be used for lifting and this whole setup will be economical which can be used to clean multiple heat exchange's at a time.

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