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Stefan Byrgesen Holmberg
Aarhus University (AU), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in International Business
GPA: 10.0
Business management
Entrepreneurship & innovation
Organization development & HR
Strategy development & Globalization
Expatriate (expat)
flexpatriation (flexpat)
inpatriation (inpat)
virtual teams
global teams
international business
(1) Employees vs. manager’s perceptions of flexpatriation/expatriation (motivation) Typically one of the first research topics catching newly internationalized organizations interest. It is important that managers and traveling employees have a transparent understanding of flexpatriation, and that managers is treating employees to sustain a sufficient motivational level. Maybe managers believe that a business class flight ticket, or five-stared hotel rooms is essential to flexpat’s/expat's motivation, while their flexpats subjective belief is different. During my bachelor thesis, I figured out that motivation is extremely subjective – where someone are motivated by economical freedom or fringe benefits, whereas others are more satisfied by recognition or responsibility. An interesting research topic would be to examine “how do organizations secure motivated/focused flexpatriates/expatriates?” by illustrating “what are the most important parameters to generate a high motivational level among flexpatriates/expatriates?” or “what should managers be aware of when relocating employees temporary/permanently?” _______________________________________________________________________________ Virtual communication vs. traditional communication (barriers) Virtual communication is increasing its popularity when considering international operations, as it allows organizations to eliminate barriers installed by law or other governmental initiatives, and economical perspectives. However choosing virtual communication tools rather than traditional communication is emerging new issues such as time constraints, higher level of misunderstanding and integration aspects such as social distance. Regarding an examination of selecting the most optimal way of communicating with employees, potential customers and existing franchise takers – and thereby examining “how do organizations choose between virtual and traditional communication in the most efficient way?” _______________________________________________________________________________ Measurement of flexpat/expat assignments (performance) Measuring if traveling assignments are economically benefitting to organizations is the most discussed subject among large organizations and researchers when touching upon expatriates, inpatriates, flexpatriates or GAMs. Some argues that research like this can’t be done objectively, and thereby it takes an investment from individual organizations to measure this more precisely. Two important parameters are the performance gap between in-door and out-door working conditions and the organizational expenses, whereas the organizational expenses has to be covered by the performance gap to conclude that these assignments are beneficial. “How can organizations measure if mobility assignments are beneficial or not?”

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