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Stanislav Pozdniakov
Aarhus University (AU), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Information Studies (Digital Living Track)
Business management
Marketing & communication
Organization development & HR
Database and Information Systems
IT other
Data Analysis
Machine Learning
Data Science
I have a background in Sociology. In parallel with my main studies, I was trying to acquire all the relevant Data Analysis and Machine Learning skills. In order to continue my studies on the Master level, I was pursuing all the possible professional activities a bachelor can have inside the academia: * Teaching Assistance experience on the Data Science minor I was very keen to participate in new Data Science minor initiative in my university. The idea to take all students despite their math/CS background felt very natural to me and I invested my time and skills relentlessly working on making the minor even more accepting and empowering environment, both in the classroom, and outside of it, facilitating peer learning, and working with course instructors on new IT and educational ways to make it an upward ladder, bringing students of humanities on a new level of opportunities, where they are able to join ubiquitous data talk as an equal participants. * Junior Research member of the Social Computing and Machine Learning research group On this way I dived as a part of Machine Learning and Social Computing group into research on IT in learning, trying to get the best from logs of students programming and communicative activities to stimulate student participation in our minor. I am seeking the possibility to apply my skills and knowledge obtained during my previous study and work to tackle with industrial and business challenges. The most significant experience I have got in Machine Learning and Social Computing research group is an experience of working in the interdisciplinary team, including researchers from different disciplines, studying and working on different levels - from undergrads to senior scientists, finding a common language and achieving results together. Besides all the technical skills and knowledge I possess, I strongly believe in the importance of soft skills.

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