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Martin Dalby Jensen
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Cand.merc Management of Innovation and Business Development
GPA: 10.0
Business management
Entrepreneurship & innovation
Organization development & HR
Strategy development & Globalization
business development
open innovation
internet of things
customer entric
network effects
market development
My contacts: // // I am writing my thesis together with Asger Dempsey ( We are both passionate about the opportunities lying in Open Innovation and Digital Innovation. We have an overall strategic focus on cases, meaning that we would like to collaborate with our case organization on matters where they transform their business model, change their current market position or enter new markets. With this focus, we would love to collaborate with you if any of the below statements fit your situation: #Your company's innovative performance is lacking behind your expectations #You would like to embrace the Open Innovation approach to strengthen you market position #You do not create or capture the value you expect from your products #Your business model is under pressure and you need to re-think it to stay competitive We have both held demanding student positions in well-established firms beside out studies, hence we are used to interact with management teams and professionals. We believe this is an important aspect, when you as a case company invites us into your organization. A bit about our view on innovation and business development: For us, innovation is not just about creating a new product or service with appealing specifications, it is about seeing products and services as a part of an ecosystem. This perspective on innovation and business development is the key to sustainable success and competitive advantage, especially in a future where all of our products, wearables, houses and cars will be connected in an increasingly dense ecosystem. Therefore, the ecosystem should be the target for strategy work. Innovation and product development have historically been done within firms, in e.g. R&D departments. But, firms today are forced to upon up their search for development and embrace the open innovation paradigm. Innovations are existing knowledge and ideas combined in new ways, hence as long as most of this, both in terms of quantity and quality, reside outside the firm, firms must be designed and geared to integrate knowledge from the outside. This is a complex process, it requires a different set of capabilities and some new organizational features - but evidence and research show that it is worth it! I hope you find the above appealing and that you have the case to match your ambitions. Best regards Martin

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