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Andrea Raggi
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in International Marketing and Management
GPA: 10.0
Business management
Entrepreneurship & innovation
Marketing & communication
Strategy development & Globalization
Business other
To whom it may concern within, I am contacting you in order to propose a project that could bring about potential lasting benefits and industry insights to your company. My name is Andrea Raggi and I am a master’s student of “International Marketing and Management” currently studying at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), in the Netherlands. I also studied at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), in Denmark. Throughout the years I have had the experiences of working as a consultant to companies such as Segafredo, Too Good To Go and the Gallmann Foundation. My partner, Martí Corbera Vidiella is enrolled in “International Marketing and Management” at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and had the possibility to work as a consultant to companies such as Vivino and other start-ups. In the upcoming months my partner and I will have to come up with some decisions regarding our thesis. Since we would like to write it on the topic of sustainability and to have a practical approach to the thesis, we were excited to propose to you this kind of collaboration. We believe that having a practical case at hand would greatly improve the learning process as well as the enjoyability of it. Moreover, it could generate value for your business since the thesis research is an extensive project which takes up 6 months of work. The due amount is a 160 pages research (+ appendixes), comprehensive of voluminous quantitative and/or qualitative analyses. The research topic should be set by the 15th of November, even though we will actively start to work on the thesis in January 2018. As stated before, we would like to focus on sustainability understood in its broadest terms. Therefore, we are open to discuss any topic you would think of or any problem you might be facing. So, we are kindly asking you whether you would be interested in such collaboration. As previously explained, having the opportunity to work with such a brilliant company on the field would be really marvellous for us. Please, let us know whether you would be interested to find a common ground where both parts can find the benefit of it and discuss further about ourselves and the project. Best regards, Andrea Raggi

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