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Svetlana Petrova
University of Southern Denmark (SDU), DK, DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Master in M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration - Strategic
Business management
Entrepreneurship & innovation
Marketing & communication
Organization development & HR
Strategy development & Globalization
System and Networking
Earth sciences
design; empowerment; agile; ethnic; brand experience; engagement; circular economy; shift; radical; disruptive; IoT; industrial symbiosis; closing the loop; re-use; re-cycle; reproduce;
I would like to research in the field of the new radical and disruptive economy, so different from the "cradle to cradle" principle, called Circular Economy. I intend to go further and explore how different stakeholders influence the process and how their circular feedback drives this new "movement". I have experience in this field, as I am working on a project called Empty Your Wardrobe connected with topics such as sustainability and social entrepreneurship. I would like to dive more deeply into that research domain as I think it is shaping the future. Please don't hesitate to contact me, if you think I could be a good fit to your company's profile and objectives. Mail:

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