Master Thesis Project Collaboration Wanted

António Cavaleiro de Ferreira
IST (Lisbon) and KTH (Stockholm), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Renewable Energy
GPA: 15.8
Entrepreneurship & innovation
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering other
Earth sciences
Science other
Renewable Energy
Project Management & Development
I'm a double degree student from the RENE InnoEnergy program, which aims to generate engineers in Renewable Energy with innovation, sustainability and a business mindset merged with the Engineering one. This type of mentality has proven to be successful, since many of our former students ended up in Forbes 30 under 30. As part of this program, I attended two different universities - Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon and KTH, Stockholm - giving me a wide background in Renewable Energy which I would like to complete with an Internship in your company, as a Master Thesis. More specifically, I'm interested in sustainable and efficient system design, Polygeneration, smart housing and energy policies. However, I'm open to other subjects.

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