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Natalie Maixnerova
University of Southern Denmark (SDU), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in management of people
Business management
Organization development & HR
Business other
Human resource
personal development
employee well being
talent management
Training & development
Employee well being - how organization influence employees. Is the organization structure built just for extrovers, introvers or is it in the right balance ? What could be done to increase employees happiness--> motivation to work and engage to the culture. Talent management - how to search for talents in early stage of their career. Cooporation with high schools and universities. E.g creating a competition for designer students. In this way the company gets lot of ideas which can at least inspire their employees in solving the case and they might find potentional " stars" which they can offer an internship and start to educate their own future employees.The advantage is that in this way they can find the right person for they company in a cheaper way. After the person work on his/ her development on their own they will became more expensive afterwards to hire and they won't be connected to the company. recruitment - job ad matters! . How can job ad be writen to target the right group of candidates. How can the job ad influence the motivation of the candidate. Can we already formulate in the job ad the organization culture so it will be clear to candidates if they fit? Work with emotions in the job ad. Leadership - how to connect people to communicate togeth in open way. Even though they have to deal with stuff which are hard to tell. To decrease miss undrestanding. - How to treat extrovert and introvert personalities. Both of these personalities need different kind of leading to make them happy. Don't get trick by introvert personality they might pretend to be extrovert, but it cost them lot of energy which they could use in more important stuff. So how to treat them to feel comfortable and satisfied with their personality.

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