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sune ulrik sunesen
IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Digital innovation & management
Business management
digital change management
Digital Change Strategy According to McKinsey between 50 to 70 % of all innovations or initiatives in companies are failing. Most change programs fail because of an insufficient implementation strategy and failure in leading change. I am offering: - An analysis of the change. - A change strategy - A change plan recommendation how to lead a successful change process from start to finish. I am asking for: 1. A 2 to 3-hour meeting with the people involved and who is responsible for leading the change. The purpose of the meeting is to establish the conditions and contingencies the organization is working under to find the best fit for a change strategy. For determining the best fit, it is most important to gather these four key roles: - One person from top management - The project manager (developing or leading the change) - An assistant to the project manager (some who is connected to the target group) - One representative from the target group (employees who will be affected by the change). 2. Access to 3 to 5 employees from the target group who are willing to give an interview of 45 min.

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