Bachelor Thesis Project Collaboration Wanted

Eric Verschoor
Avans University of Applied Sciences, NL
Degree & Study program
Bachelor in Business Innovation
GPA: 3.3
Entrepreneurship & innovation
Strategy development & Globalization
market research
business development
game design
Thanks for taking your time to read my proposal. As a current bachelor student, it is soon required from me to write my second dissertation report in the field of innovation development. As a business innovation student - I'll be doing a practical innovation assignment based on the wishes of a company - as it is required from me to do research in relation to the problem and to work out a concept in relation to the issue and the found data. This needs to eventually be tested in the field and supported by an implementation plan for futuristic steps. Thou could think potentially think of; - A new concept of a management information system -The design of a new product or service -The realisation of a new business model to ensure profit

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