Master Thesis Project Collaboration Wanted

Ben Morgan
University of Bordeaux, FR
Degree & Study program
Master in Chemistry, Advanced Materials
GPA: 3.5
Chemical engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Engineering other
Renewable Energy
Material Science
3D Printing
I have a background in material engineering, this has recently been enhanced by a chemistry master with a focus on sustainabilty and material recycling. I have skills whihc allow me to produce excellent research papers in both materials and in life cycle assessments. I would like to apply my talents in a project focussed on renewable energy. I am due to take a master in material science from TU Darmstadt where I will focus my studies more on this subject. I have also sgtrong skills in entreprenuership and have expdereince leading several projects in European and Global Competitions. Through my master thesis I would always have a focus on turning the work into profit, whether this can be via patenting or setting up a start-up. Please get in contact with my if you would like to know more about my previous research work or start-up enterprises.

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