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Reisya Rizki Riantiningtyas
University of Copenhagen (UCPH), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Food Innovation and Health
GPA: 0.0
Entrepreneurship & innovation
Food innovation
product development
sensory science
My name is Reisya Rizki Riantiningtyas and I am a master student in Food Innovation and Health, University of Copenhagen. I have a bachelor background in nutrition with a bachelor thesis "Formulation of Flakes with Red Kidney Bean and Red Palm Oil as a Potential Instant Breakfast for Type 2 Diabetes". The courses I have taken in my master programme include: Food Science and Culinary Techniques, Nutrition Physiology, Food Choice and Acceptance, Bioactive Food Components and Health, Yeast Physiology, Sociology of Food Consumption, Project Outside Course Scope – Taste of Insect. Currently I am taking two courses namely Food Consumer Research as well as Entrepreneurship and Innovation. My master thesis would approximately start in December 2018 until June 2019. I would be interested in the field of Product Development as I have the relevant experiences in food product development and sensory analysis.

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