Master Thesis Project Collaboration Wanted

Liliana Sanchez
Aarhus University (AU), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Corporate Communication
Marketing & communication
Organization development & HR
HR communication
employer branding
Master thesis’ proposal Problem statement: Scholars have researched on how motivated and committed employees can increase productivity, focusing on achieving the company´s goals. Moreover, if they are motivated, it could be unlikely that they leave their jobs, since they feel proud of it. This decreases the rotation levels within the company, which affects positively the company´s resources. In that line, it is important to note that internal communication play a big role on creating a good working environment, where employees can see themselves as key elements in the organisation, which influences directly in the internal employer branding of the company. Research Questions: • How can the best practices in internal communication impact on internal employer branding? • How do employees make sense of internal employer branding through internal communication? • In regards to internal communication, which practices can trigger motivation? Research Method • Thematic Analysis Description of data • Interviews to employees, who interact with internal communication channels

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