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Levin Lessmann
University of Southern Denmark (SDU), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Strategy and Organization
GPA: 3.0
Business management
Strategy development & Globalization
organizational structure
strategic development
business management
business development
A successful strategy can be described with long-term goals, an understanding competitive environment and an appraisal of resources. Moreover, you need an effective implementation to bundle the broad inputs to make strategies prosperous. In similarity to a successful strategy, I need to establish goals for myself, that are long-term oriented. A one-year cycling trip across North America gave me both self-confidence and an open mindset to react with a constantly changing environment. My appraisal of resources would be a fundamental knowledge in the foundation of strategies and how they conduct a firm’s future. In analyzing dozens of business cases I gained a deeper understanding of how important organizational structure and management systems are for the operational performance of a company. To reach my goal of a successful working-life, I need your company that gives me the best possible practical examples and shows me hints and tricks on how to become a successful, valued consultant. Your company could be for me the effective implementation to my goals, where I can prove all my capabilities and personal resources to the company. The biggest benefit that you could gain out of me is an enthusiastic, team oriented, structured decision-making and extrovert personality, that is interested in seeking for out-of-the-box solutions. Changing the perspective to a corporate level, let’s say a corporate strategy, brings a broader view. A company/business unit only cooperates with another business, if they can gain synergies out of it. Hence, a win-win situation would be reached, if it’s a two-sided synergy, meaning that both parties have an equal value. Giving me the opportunity to find out more about the job and you the possibility to get to know me better, I would recommend sending me a message on LinkedIn. Levin Lessmann

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