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Mikkel Uttenreitter
Aarhus University (AU), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Business Intelligence
GPA: 11.2
Business management
Business other
Database and Information Systems
Software development
IT other
Machine learning
Process optimization
Performance management
Advanced Market Research
Text mining
natural language processing
Data mining
Deep learning
Image classification
Object detection
Predictive maintenance
abnormality detection
In the spring 2019 I am going to write my master thesis. So, If you are looking for a data-driven master student who can contribute to your next machine learning / AI project, I could be the right match. I am looking to collaborate with a company who want to optimize current business processes, build decision making support systems, predict behaviour of systems/ manufacturing machines or people, detect patterns in images or extract insights from text documents using machine learning algorithms and data mining techniques. I am both interested in unsupervised and supervised challenges including both classification and regression problems. Examples of case areas could include those listed below, but I am open to ideas which are not part of the list. My only requirement is that it include some sort of prediction or classification challenge. • Predictive maintenance • Abnormality detection • Natural language processing tasks such as sentiment analysis among others • Object detection • Image classification • Segmentation tasks • Churn analysis • Recommender systems I am studying a master’s degree in Business Intelligence at Aarhus University with a great focus on advanced analytics including data-mining, text mining, network analysis and forecasting courses among others. Further, I have a great interest in machine learning and how it can be utilized to create business value. I have programming experience with both R and Python as well as knowledge about data warehousing including knowledge about SQL. Further, I have work with the cloud primaliry focusing on the Azure stack. Please have a look at my CV for further information about my work experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact using the above email or though LinkedIn.

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