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Filip Lundqvist
Chalmers University of Technology, SE
Degree & Study program
Master in Quality and Operations Management
GPA: 4.5
Business management
Economic finance & accounting
Entrepreneurship & innovation
Operations & supply chain management
Strategy development & Globalization
Engineering other
IT other
Growth Hacking
Big Data for Business Decisions
Lean Production
Business Development
Change management
Period, Jan 19 - Jun 19, 30 credits per student. 2 students full time. I and my master thesis partner Robin interest lie primarily in having a master thesis project that can be of great use for the company. Therefore, we are curious if you have any areas in your business today you would need to investigate? Since I (Quality and Operations Management) and Robin, (Management and Economics of Innovation) my partner study different master programs, do we have quite broad knowledge within the business field and are interested to work with problems in areas such as R & D management, Innovation Development, Digital Strategy, Operational Management, Big Data, AI, Block Chain from a business perspective. An example could look like this. Topic: How should Big Data be used to help medium-sized businesses to better business decisions? purpose: Investigate medium-sized companies with similar structures to understand what opportunities Big Data has for improve business decisions and how this can then be implemented. Background: Big Data is an area that in recent years has become increasingly popular for reasons of data being increasingly accessible, analysis methods simplified and helping to make decision-making based on facts. The reason for focusing on medium-sized companies is that they are more flexible than large organizations to make changes, but also have more resources than small organizations then often requires large investments. Procedures The study will be conducted as a quantitative study, in which interviews, focus groups and workshops will come held to answer questions Filip Lundqvist Studying the master program "Quality and Operations Management", have taken a semester at Bocconi in Milan to broaden my knowledge within economics, finance and luxury industries. During my BSc, I focus was on economics and manufacturing technology. I have always had an interest in new material properties and its market potential and think of a future career in this area. Previous work experience is primarily linked to Business Development, organizational changes and market analyst. Robin de Richelieu Studying the Master's program Management and Economics of Innovation, which deals with analyzing and understanding the link between innovation, technology, research and economic power in a market. During my BSc, I studied a technology base with chemistry equivalent to 30 credits.

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