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Tim Wulf
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Innovation Management and Business Development
GPA: 11.5
Entrepreneurship & innovation
Business Models
Energy Sector
To counter climate change is among the most pressing challenges of our time. As energy consumption is by far the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (⅔) the transition towards renewable energies is of utmost importance. The potential that emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI and IoT offer combined with the deep structural changes the energy sector faces through the decentralization of clean energy production and volatility of production calls for a fundamental change of the energy ecosystem. Thus, the time is ripe for a large scale industry disruption through novel business models for sustainability. Here, so called smart grids that utilize technology to control and optimise demand and supply, are emerging. The long-term success of these businesses depends on their business models’ feasibility to meet the differing needs of all stakeholders (consumers, supply chain, environment, investors etc.). The aim of this master thesis is to assess the feasibility of your business model to achieve mass market adoption through an in-depth analysis of the business model in an ecosystem context. Thereby, we focus on the activities on different dimensions such as economic, environment and social to derive implications and opportunities for a even more sustainable business model. Preliminary RQ: What barriers do sustainable technology-driven business models face for achieving mass market adoption in the energy sector and how can they be overcome?

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