Master Thesis Project Collaboration Wanted

Lea Härtel
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Diversity and Change Management
GPA: 10.8
Business management
Organization development & HR
language policy
change implementation
common corporate language
The research will focus on the process of implementing English as a corporate language in an MNC, hereby taking an interdisciplinary approach, combining the fields of organizational change, organizational behavior and socio-linguistics. The goal is to investigate advantages and disadvantages of the implementation process, to achieve better and more effective communication throughout the company. Furthermore, a contribution to the existent literature is going to be made to inspire academics as well as other organizations. The specific focal point will be determined in cooperation with the case company, to ensure that the interest and needs from the company’s side are taken into account. One possibility could be to conduct a country comparison between two subsidiaries, another the investigation of the impact of newer generations and their way of approaching language and communication. Research will ideally be executed by combining existent academic contributions and primary data. Data collection will mainly be done through interviews, the evaluation of company documents on the implementation process, and surveys. Since using a foreign language is, to a big extent, a subjective matter and can vary between informal and formal contexts, observational data as well as focus groups would be beneficial.

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