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Jangwon Park
Degree & Study program
Master in Management of Technology
GPA: 5.2
Business management
Operations & supply chain management
Organization development & HR
Strategy development & Globalization
Business other
Engineering other
Database and Information Systems
System and Networking
Science other
machine learning
data science
operations research
systems engineering
industrial engineering
process improvement
systems optimization
predictive modeling
decision analysis
I am absolutely passionate about using mathematical models and advanced analytics to provide optimal decision making in a number of practical applications. The following topics are just some ideas which would excite me; any variations thereof are all interesting.1) Fresh Produce Supply Chain Management (FSCM): Using reinforcement learning to calibrate temperature in warehouses and retail stores to optimize the balance between cost and product (e.g. vegetables) quality, and hence minimize food loss/waste. Furthermore, using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to improve demand forecasting and/or harvest planning to reduce food loss even more; 2) Operations Research for Healthcare (ORHC): Using stochastic linear programming to optimize the distribution of expensive, most-in-demand medical equipment (e.g. LINAC) among public hospitals in urban areas to optimize patient support (e.g. maximize number of patients treated in relatively short time); 3) Research for Public Policy: Using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to predict climate changes from meteorological and satellite image data, and using this as a basis to simulate global refugee movements. Such insights can inform policy makers to be better prepared for large influxes of refugees.

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