Master Thesis Project Collaboration Wanted

Hugo Brito
IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), DK
Degree & Study program
Master in Software Development
GPA: 7.0
Software development
Functional Programming
Domain-Specific Languages
Property-based testing
Contract Languages
The general setting we are interested in is the Functional Paradigm,specifically Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and Property-BasedTesting (PBT). The benefit of a DSL is the ability to simplify processesand, for example, describe entire formal contracts, making it mucheasier to incorporate in other contexts. Through its use, one wouldbe able to create contracts, having all the data readily available foranalysis, being able to make them work with other systems andreason about them.PBT allows us to test on the properties of said contract and testingthe validity of it. It could help answer questions like:• Will we actually be able to deliver this on time?• Does this contract comply with the law?• etc.•Essentially, being able to predict the likelihood of a contract to failunder various circumstances.Currently, we are still open as to what domain this should be setin, and whether there should be a heavier focus on the DSL or PBT.However, we are mostly intrigued by the combination of2, as thePBT allows to analyse the DSL in ways that have not been exhaus-tively researched, yet.

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